The Political Economy of Pricing Carbon for a 2°C World

Joseph E. Aldy, associate professor of public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, university fellow at Resources for the Future, faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, will present The Political Economy of Pricing Carbon for a 2°C World on the Duke University campus, Friday, October 12.

Power Trip: Amazon Wind Farm

The Amazon Wind Farm U.S. East is North Carolina's first wind farm, and provides power to Amazon Web Services' cloud data centers. But why is it in northeastern North Carolina? What are the benefits for the local community and the farmers on whose land the turbines are installed? How does a project like this happen? (Hint: the permitting process took six years and 62 miles of new roads were built to accommodate construction.)

Energy and Environment Alumni Career Development Panel

Interested in learning how to best leverage your Duke experience while meeting alumni? Join the Nicholas School Energy Club for an informal panel with local Nicholas Energy alumni to discuss their experiences as students, their current roles in the professional world, and the key skills to their success. Moderated by fellow alumnus Daniel Kolomeets-Darovsky, the current Director of Innovation and Technology for GridMarket, attending alumni include: 

Katharine Kollins, President of Southeastern Wind Coalition 
Shaina Nanavati, Innovation and Business Development Analyst at North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives 
Josh Maravich, Solar Production Engineer at Ecoplexus, Inc. 
Cullen Morris, President of Cooperative Solar LLC 

Food and refreshments will be provided.

Registration Link:

Environmental Alliance Meeting

If you’re interested in helping EA create an environmental house course, plan numerous speaker sessions and informative events, educate the student body on the presence of composting on campus, and promote communication and collaboration between other environmental and interdisciplinary organizations at Duke and within Durham, then email Cameron Oglesby

Energy Data Analytics Workshop

This October 5 event started out as an orientation workshop for our four 2018-2019 Energy Data Analytics PhD Student Fellows and their advisors. BUT THEN we started coming up with resources and considering the potential for productive exchange... & decided we'd be crazy not to invite YOU to crash the party! 

Energy Data Analytics Phd Student Fellows: We'll see you at 11:45 a.m. for some fellowship biz.

ALL Duke grad students: Starting at 12:45 p.m., join us for an overview of the emerging field of energy data analytics, followed by a survey of resources and strategies for learning more. Students from all graduate degree programs welcome! 

Researchers (PhD students, postdocs, research staff, faculty): Come any time, but be sure to join us by 2 p.m. to explore possibilities for collaboration on energy data analytics projects. We'll kick off the idea exchange with 5-minute lightning talks by the four Ph.D. Fellows on their proposed fellowship research, then move into a broader conversation re: increasing energy data analytics research collaboration. Finally, from 3:15-4 p.m., we'll facilitate a dialogue around meeting the data acquisition, management, and curation needs of energy researchers at Duke.

This workshop is generously supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. (Note that conclusions reached or positions taken by researchers or other grantees represent the views of the grantees themselves and not those of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation or its trustees, officers, or staff.  

It is organized by the Energy Data Analytics Lab, a collaboration of the Duke University Energy Initiative (which houses it), the Information Initiative at Duke (iiD), and the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI). 

Discussing Climate Change: A Conversation with the Climate Reality Project

Duke's Environmental Alliance Presents: Discussing Climate Change: A Conversation with the Climate Reality Project

Speaker Kim Piracci, a community activist and member of Orange County Planning Board and the Orange County Commission for the Environment will be speaking about the effects of and solutions to Climate Change from the perspective of the nationally recognized Climate Reality Project. We are extremely excited to be able to host a representative of this organization on campus considering the prevalence of Al Gore’s campaign since 2006. This event is made especially significant by the recent destruction of Hurricane Florence along the south east coast and the effect that climate change has on such severe weather events.

There will be free food and a Q&A session with our guest speaker.

This event is possible thanks to the help of Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment and Student Organization Finance Committee.

MEMS/MatSci Seminar: Metal halide perovskites: Interface stability and light emitting applications


Barry Rand, Princeton

Hybrid organic-inorganic halide perovskite materials such as methylammonium lead iodide are gaining interest in the thin film optoelectronics community due to their promising optoelectronic properties. We have established a processing paradigm to realize films with roughness on the order of 1 nanometer that consists of nanoscale crystallites, formed by incorporating a bulky organoammonium halide in addition to the stoichiometric 3D perovskite precursors. These bulky ligands passivate the 3D crystal, enhance luminescence quantum yields, allow for stable mixed halide stoichiometries, increase stability, and improve flexibility. We demonstrate highly efficient and flexible perovskite LEDs with external quantum efficiency (EQE) up to ~13%, values that are higher than the ITO-based controls (~10%). Also, we will show how these smooth films can be employed in optically pumped laser structures. In another aspect, we have determined that metal halide perovskites are considerably redox active, and are looking to understand how redox chemistry dictates material and device physics and degradation.


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