This collection of energy data sources and tools for data analysis was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Award No. 1937137, a collaboration among the World Resources Institute, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute, and Duke University. We do not endorse or provide any guarantees about the data or information listed below.

Name Publishersort descending Description Type Topic
100% Renewable Energy Atlas 100-Percent A searchable database and visual representation of renewable energy projects across the world that allows for further research into specific areas. Platform Renewable Energy
Global offshore renewable map 4COffshore A map the world offering specific locations of offshore renewable energy generation sites. It includes specific information on the site once selected including owner, developer, and capacity. Platform Renewable Energy
AAA Gas Prices AAA Daily gasoline price data for the United States. (Licensing) Platform Fuel, Transportation
Gainesville Green Acceleration This tool calculates relevant comparisons for home energy use and displays detailed information about household performance. Users can view, analyze, and understand how they use energy and compare with their peers. Tool Renewable Energy
Electrified mini-grid localities in Africa African Association for Rural Electrification A database to track electric mini-grids in Africa. Platform Electricity
Bioenergy Resources Statistical Database in Africa African Energy Commission A data source on bioenergy in Africa and its countries that displays population figures, biomass statistics, and physical features of the area. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Hydropower Resources Statistical Database in Africa African Energy Commission A data source on hydro energy in Africa and its countries that displays dams constructed in the regions. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
The African Energy Information System African Energy Commission Energy data and indicator for Africa, including energy balances, energy efficiency information, prices, power plants, emissions, and energy access (Licensing) Platform General
The power sector in the EU 2019 Agora Energiewende Reporting and material about the energy transition in the EU. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Landsat on Amazon Web Services Amazon/ U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Landsat 8 is an ongoing collection of satellite imagery of all land on Earth produced by the Landsat 8 satellite and is available for anyone to use via Amazon S3. (Licensing) Tool General
Renewable Options by State American Cities Climate Challenege Energy generation sources by state in the United States. Includes comparative statistics and renewable energy generation information. Platform Renewable Energy
State-by-State Energy Choice Information (Map) American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers A map of the US that allows the user to see which residents have a choice in their electricity or heating provider based on their state. Platform General
US Energy Efficiency Performance Metrics American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Infographics providing data on energy efficiency in the United States by various metrics. (Licensing) Platform Efficiency
AGA Data American Gas Association Database with annual natural gas information including energy statistics, market information, emissions, general info, etc. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Electricity Generation Map American Society of Civil Engineers A map of the United States that helps visualize the intensity at which states use specific energy sources. Platform Efficiency
Reliability Metrics AP (via EIA) Electrical grid reliability in the US including outage frequency for average customers by utility and state. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Zero Tool Architecture 2030 A tool to compare building designs and energy use intensity with other buildings of similar design in an effort to better design our buildings to improve energy intensity use. Platform Building, Efficiency
Maps and Data on renewable energy potential in the Arctic Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas Maps and Data on renewable energy potential in the Arctic Platform Renewable Energy
Renewable Natural Gas Database Argonne National Lab A dataset of compiled biogas projects upgrading gas for pipeline injection or for vehicle fuel. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Solar Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement Maps Argonne National Lab A set of maps for spatial analysis of potential solar energy generation sites. Platform Renewable Energy
Southeast Asia Energy Database System ASEAN Center for Energy Database containing energy statistics, news, and policies for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations broken down by country. Platform General
AASG Geothermal Data Repository Association of American State Geologists (AASG) Information collected from all 50 states in the US about geothermal projects. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Electric Vehicle Market Data Atlas EV Hub Data on electric vehicles in the US (Licensing) Platform Transportation
Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure (w/ Global Model for Pumped Hydro Storage Potential Sites) (AREMI) Australian Renewable Energy Agency A global map of pumped hydro storage potential sites and their coordinates created by the Australian government. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy, Storage
China's Energy Infrastructure (Map) Baker Institute A map of China's energy infrastructure including oil, coal, nuclear, and EV battery information. Platform General
Bloomberg NEF Tools Bloomberg New Energy Finance A database from Bloomberg's Renewable Energy research division that contains long-term forecasts, in-depth analysis, and independent proprietary views across the entire spectrum of energy technologies and sectors. (Licensing) Tool Renewable Energy
ClimateScope BloombergNEF Data on clean energy investment and national energy supply mixes (Licensing) Platform Environment
China's Global Energy Finance Boston University An interactive map of China's energy market including import/export values with other regions based on energy type, sector, or lender. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy Charting Tool BP A site that provides access to BP energy reports and datasets regarding their projects around the world. (Licensing) Platform General
Macro Grid Report (US) Breakthrough Energy Sciences Design simulations data for US power grid scenarios (Licensing) Platform General
Statistical Review of World Energy British Petroleum (BP) BP's own energy production/consumption dataset, similar to IEA and EIA. (Licensing) Dataset General
Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution - Occupational Employment Statistics Bureau of Labor Statistics Data on occupational and employment statistics in the US for electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. (Licensing) Dataset General, Electricity
Average energy prices for the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Prices of household energy costs and gasoline costs in the US by region and major cities. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
BLM coal land leasing data Bureau of Land Management Datasets of the Bureau of Land Management's leasing data for coal production. (Licensing) Dataset General
BLM oil and gas statistics land lease data Bureau of Land Management A database containing statistics and datasets of Bureau of Land Management provided oil and gas leases, permits to drill, and oil and gas wells. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
BLM solar project list Bureau of Land Management Fact sheet data on Bureau of Land Management's solar energy information in the United States. (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
Solar Program Maps Bureau of Land Management A set of maps that provide information on potential solar energy generation sites, excluding BLM-administered land. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Offshore Resources Data Center Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Database containing multiple topics under offshore resources including leasing, pipeline, well, rig, and production data. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
Transportation Energy Use Statistics Bureau of Transportation Statistics Multiple datasets of energy and fuel consumption in U.S. transportation sector. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel, Transportation
US Oil and Gas Pipeline Mileage Bureau of Transportation Statistics Timeseries dataset for oil and gas pipelines in the United States. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
CA Energy Consumption Database California Database for California electricity and natural gas consumption broken down by county or entity. (Licensing) Platform General
California Solar Initiative Data California Distributed Generation Statistics This database comprises of all Investor Owned Utility (IOU) solar photovoltaic (PV) net energy metering interconnection data from the three large California IOUs which include Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), Southern California Edison Company (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E).  (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
California Energy Data and Reports California Energy Commission Energy industry statistics and analysis for California including forecasts for electricity and natural gas demand for 10 years. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
California Power System Data California ISO Live, hour ahead, and day ahead forecasting for demand of the California ISO. Includes ability to search for supply, emissions, and pricing. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
CA ISO Price Map California ISO Day-ahead, 15 mins ahead, and real-time costs of the California ISO displayed in an interactive map. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Carbon Monitor: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data Carbon Monitor Interactive infographics that explore CO2 emissions by country over time. (Licensing) Platform Environment
Mapped: How the US generates electricity Carbonbrief A map of the United States that displays electricity generation locations by type, size, efficiency, and state. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Mapped: The world's nuclear power plants Carbonbrief A map of the worlds nuclear power plants displaying generation estimates and current status. (Licensing) Platform Nuclear Energy
Global Map of Coal Plants CarbonBrief A global map of coal power plants displaying generation figures both visually and graphically since 2000. Includes filters for closed plants, planned construction, and specifying scope of view. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Integrated Environmental Control Model (IECM) Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) IECM is a computer-modeling program that performs a systematic cost and performance analyses of emission control equipment at coal-fired power plants.  (Licensing) Tool Electricity, Environment
Plug Load Appliance Identification Dataset (PLAID) Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) PLAID includes short voltage and current measurements sampled at 30 kHz from 11 different appliance types present in more than 60 households in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. (Licensing) Dataset Building
Building-Level fully labeled Electricity Disaggregation (BLUED) Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Building electricity consumption dataset that contains current and voltage measurements.  Dataset Building
Public Utility Data Liberation Catalyst Cooperative A database for open access data primarily for the United States electrical system. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
State Climate Policy Map Center for Climate and Energy Solutions Maps of the United States that depict differing climate policies by state. (Licensing) Platform Environment
The World Factbook: Energy Central Intelligence Agency Statistics on global energy including access, markets, production, consumption, as well as breakdowns into energy types. (Licensing) Dataset General
Interactive World Gas Map Chevron An interactive world map that displays the world's natural gas information including pipelines, vessels, shareholders, etc. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
Real-time heat map of ISO electricity prices in US Clarity Grid Solutions Interactive map that displays the MWh cost across the United States ISOs and within each ISO. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Clean Energy Progress (Jobs) Map Clean Energy Progress A map that displays clean energy market economic progress by state and county in the United States. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Global Climate Policy and Progress Tracking Climate Action Tracker A database to construct visualizations and form datasets comparing countries of indicators across the world. (Licensing) Platform Environment
Synthetic Power Grid Data Set Columbia University Datasets generated from the statistical properties of the real power grid based on the topology of the Western Interconnection. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
E4ST Fast Predictor: Power system simulation model Cornell University, Arizona State University, Resources for the Future A simulation model to predict environmental impacts of electrical generation in the United States and select parts of Canada and Mexico. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Hourly load curve estimates 2012 and 2015 Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (India) Data for hourly load curve estimations in the United States excluding the North-East. Dataset Electricity
Industrial Energy and GHG Emissions Dashboard Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (India) Graphs and visualizations of India's energy consumption and GHG emissions by state and energy source. Platform General, Environment
Solar Pumps Tool Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (India) A tool to help assess and adopt solar irrigation systems in India. Platform Renewable Energy
CT Solar Scorecard Data Driven Yale This scorecard measures your municipality’s impact on residential solar photovoltaic (PV) deployment in Connecticut, and how your town is contributing to the state's goal for 300MW of residential solar PV.  Tool Renewable Energy
Access to Electricity DataHub A dataset that contains percentages of populations that have access to electricity. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Access
Electric Retail Service Territories Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Infrastructure Foundation - Level Data (HIFLD) This dataset contains information regarding electric power retail service territories or more specifically those that are responsible for the retail sale of electricity to local residential, commercial, or industrial customers. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric power substations Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Infrastructure Foundation - Level Data (HIFLD) This dataset contains the locations and attributes of electric power substations that typically correlate to electric power transmission. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Transmission Lines Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Infrastructure Foundation - Level Data (HIFLD) This dataset contains the locations and attributes of electric power transmission lines including underground transmission lines where data was available. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Natural Resources Revenue Data Department of Interior Datasets for payments, disbursements, and production of natural resources taken from federal and Native American lands. (Licensing) Platform General
National Pipeline Mapping System Department of Transportation: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration An interactive map of the United States that allows for the laying of filters at the county levels to visualize national pipelines, accidents, and land boundries. (Licensing) Dataset General
Electricity Consumption & Occupancy (ECO) Distributed Systems Group The ECO data set is a comprehensive data set for non-intrusive load monitoring and occupancy detection research. It was collected in 6 Swiss households over a period of 8 months. Dataset Building
Compliance Certification Database DOE A large database of compliance statements by manufactures in accordance with the Federal conservation standards. (Licensing) Platform General
Global Energy Storage Database DOE A database that contains energy storage projects and policies listed under the DOE, (Licensing) Platform Storage
Energy Zones Mapping Tool DOE A mapping tool to help identify potential energy resource locations in the United States. (Licensing) Platform General
Building Performance Database DOE A dataset covering the energy related statistics of commercial and residential buildings. (Licensing) Platform Building
Advanced TidGen (Tidal Generation) System Calculations DOE A dataset with the Advanced TidGen cost and cost of energy metrics after a design review. In addition to the LCOE content model and reporting. (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
Electric Disturbance Events (OE-417) Annual Summaries DOE Datasets of US electrical disturbance events by year. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Low-Income Energy Affordability Data (LEAD) Tool DOE An interactive map that provides details into low-income energy data in the US. Specifically burden statistics, energy costs, and housing counts. (Licensing) Platform General
Strategic Petroleum Reserves DOE A series of datasets containing information on foreign and domestic crude oil separated by sulfur content and identifying name. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Wind Energy Maps and Data (WINDExchange) DOE A database that provides various maps of the United States with information on wind power potential and trends. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Alternative Fueling Station Locator DOE A map of the US and Canada that displays the locations of alternative fueling stations, marked by fuel source. (Licensing) Platform Transportation
United States - State Energy Data System (SEDS) DOE Panel data of US state's energy systems including estimates of energy production, consumption, prices, and expenditures by source and sector. (Licensing) Platform General
Combined Heat and Power Project Profiles Database DOE A dataset that allows the user to search through multiple aspects of combined heat and power systems across the United States. (Licensing) Platform General
US and International Coal Data DOE Datasets containing coal production, consumption, exports/imports, and market information in the United States. (Licensing) Dataset General
Argonne Geothermal Geochemical Database DOE A dataset containing information for potential geothermal sites; includes physical as well as chemical information about the sites. (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
FuelEconomy.Gov DOE / EPA A tool to search vehicles based on their fuel efficiency. (Licensing) Platform Transportation, Efficiency
Global Oil & Gas Features Database DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information A database of oil and gas infrastructure data (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Map of Oil & Natural Gas Drilling Health & Safety Issues Drilling Maps A map of natural gas and oil drilling in the United States. (Licensing) Platform General
DI Basic DrillingInfo Drillinginfo contains a proprietary database on gas and oil sector. It also offers services that provide the predictive tools and technology needed to drive exploration decisions. (Licensing) Data Repository Fossil Fuels
ERCOT Generator Outage/Derate Visualization App (EGOVA) Duke University EGOVA can be used to examine the spatiotemporal distribution of outage/derate events in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) energy crisis. Platform Electricity
Distributed Solar PV Array Location and Extent Data Set for Remote Sensing Object Identification Duke University Energy Initiative This dataset contains the location and polygonal outlines for over 19,000 solar panels across 601 high-resolution aerial images from four cities in California. Dataset applications include training object detection and other machine learning algorithms that use remote sensing imagery, developing specific algorithms for predictive detection of distributed PV systems, and analysis of the socioeconomic correlates of PV deployment. (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
Indian Village Satellite Imagery and Energy Access Dataset Duke University Energy Initiative This dataset contains remote sensing data and estimates of electricity access rates for every village in the state of Bihar, India. (Licensing) Dataset General
Power Plant Satellite Imagery Dataset Duke University Energy Initiative This dataset contains satellite imagery of 4,454 power plants within the United States. The imagery is provided at two resolutions: 1m (4-band NAIP imagery with near-infrared) and 30m (Landsat 8, pan sharpened to 15m). (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Aerial imagery object identification dataset for building and road detection, and building height estimation Duke University Energy Initiative For 25 locations across 9 U.S. cities, this dataset provides (1) high-resolution aerial imagery; (2) annotations of over 40,000 building footprints (OSM shapefiles) as well as road polylines; and (3) topographical height data (LIDAR). This dataset can be used as ground truth to train computer vision and machine learning algorithms for object identification and analysis, in particular for building detection and height estimation, as well as road detection. (Licensing) Dataset Building
Coal Ash Contamination Map Earth Justice A map that displays the locations of coal ash contamination in the United States as well as information on clean-ups and impacts. (Licensing) Platform Environment
Climate, Energy, and Transportation Data Center Earth Policy Institute A large database containing datasets covering energy, climate, and transportation topics of a wide range. (Licensing) Dataset General
Electric Utility Industry Financial Data and Trend Analysis Edison Electric Institute (EEI) EEI represents a wide range of industry financial metrics and data covering the U.S. investor-owned electric utility companies. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Open data for global energy company's projects for research use EDP Open Data Select open access data from EDP's wind and solar energy generation sites. (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
U.S. Hourly Electric Grid Monitor EIA Interactive visualization of hourly and daily electricity demand and balancing authority information for the United States. (Licensing) Platform Electricity