This collection of energy data sources and tools for data analysis was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Award No. 1937137, a collaboration among the World Resources Institute, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute, and Duke University. We do not endorse or provide any guarantees about the data or information listed below.

Namesort descending Publisher Description Type Topic
National Generation Capacity Open Power System Data Aggregated generation of electricity in Europe broken down by country and technology, from 1990-2019 depending on specific country and tech. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
National Hydropower Map National Hydropower Association Map of the United States with specific information on each state’s hydropower generation. Includes location & of number of plants, total generation, and other statistics. Platform Renewable Energy
National Inventory of Dams US Army Corps of Engineers A database to search general information about dams in the United States by state. Platform Renewable Energy
National Oil and Gas Assessments USGS A tool to discover previously unknown oil and natural gas deposits in the United States. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
National Pipeline Mapping System Department of Transportation: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration An interactive map of the United States that allows for the laying of filters at the county levels to visualize national pipelines, accidents, and land boundries. (Licensing) Dataset General
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) NREL develops datasets, maps, models, and tools for the analysis of energy and energy efficiency technologies. (Licensing) Discoverability Service Renewable Energy
National Residential Efficiency Measures Database NREL A database constructed to assist in modeling the most cost-effective way to retrofit a home to be more energy efficient. (Licensing) Dataset Building, Efficiency
National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) NSRDB is a serially complete collection of meteorological and solar irradiance data sets for the United States and a growing list of international locations. (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
National Solar Radiation Database Data Viewer NREL An interactive map with filters from the National Solar Radiation Database that allows the user to visualize irradiance in the United States. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
National Surveys on Energy and Environment University of Michigan A database of climate change, energy, and environmental datasets. (Licensing) Dataset General, Environment
National-level Energy Consumption Data Searchable data on energy consumption and production by country. (Licensing) Dataset General
Natural Resources Revenue Data Department of Interior Datasets for payments, disbursements, and production of natural resources taken from federal and Native American lands. (Licensing) Platform General
New Electric Generating Plants in Texas Public Utility Commission of Texas Various maps of the electrical grid and industry in Texas. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
New England Power System Data ISO New England Real-time power grid information for New England's six states provided in maps, charts, and datasets. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
New Renewable Energy (Map) Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Indonesia) A map of Indonesia that allows for filters of energy industry infrastructure locations. Platform General
Nigeria Energy Overview IAEA Statistics and figures of Nigeria's energy industry including production and consumption information. (Licensing) Dataset General
Nighttime Lights (and Human Transportation) NOAA Nighttime lights, daily flight, shipping vessels, and roads on a map - showing "where people live, work, and consume energy" (Licensing) Dataset General
North American Energy Infrastructure Map North American Cooperation of Energy Information A map of North America (US, Canada, & Mexico) that has filtering for energy infrastructure and resource data. Platform General
NRG Asset Map NRG A visual map of NRG electrical generation sites including type and locations across the world. (Licensing) Platform General
NY Power System Data New York ISO Datasets for real time and day ahead market operations for New York's energy market in the US. (Licensing) Platform General
NYC Energy & Water Performance Map NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability Interactive map providing energy use, water use, and emissions datas for private buildings over 50,000 square feet (25,000 square feet since 2017) and public sector buildings over 10,000 square feet in New York City, NY (Licensing) Platform Building
NYISO Interconnection Queue New York ISO (NYISO) NYISO interconnection process information, and contains link to datafile of NYISO interconnection queue (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
ODYSSEE Database: European Energy Efficiency Data & Indicators European Commission A database for energy consumption and energy efficiency for EU and additional countries. (Licensing) Platform General
OECD Countries Energy Data Summary OECD A dataset and visual display of energy generation in OECD nations that allows for the segmentation into nuclear generation and various country categories (OECD, EU, G7, G20, etc.). (Licensing) Platform Nuclear Energy
Offshore Resources Data Center Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Database containing multiple topics under offshore resources including leasing, pipeline, well, rig, and production data. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
Oil and Gas Data, 1932-2014 Harvard Dataverse A timeseries dataset for global oil and das production, prices an export information. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Oil Information Statistics OECD A databank that allows the user to construct datasets specific to OECD information ranging from general statistics, socio-economic factors, environmental conditions, etc. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
OPEC Data Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) This database that puts up OPEC Reference Basket (ORB) comprises of the basket price for the crude oil from various exporting nations. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel, General
Open Charge Map Open Charge Map A global map that provides charging station locations and their status for EVs. (Licensing) Platform Transportation
Open data for global energy company's projects for research use EDP Open Data Select open access data from EDP's wind and solar energy generation sites. (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
Open Infrastructure Map An interactive global map that allows the user to visualize the "hidden" infrastructure of various power sources. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Outlook for Energy Data ExxonMobil The Outlook for Energy is ExxonMobil’s view of energy demand and supply through 2040. This data will help in making a forecast regarding energy transition to meet the needs of the growing population.  (Licensing) Dataset Fuel, General
Outlook for Energy: A Perspective to 2040 ExxonMobil A global perspective of energy demand and production projected to 2040 and broken down into different regions. (Licensing) Dataset General
Outlook for Modern Cooking Energy Access in Central America Figshare Tables and figures demonstrating Central America's electricity market and demand. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Access
Overview of electricity production and use in Europe European Environment Agency Graphs and infographics of European energy generation by country. It includes efficiency, carbon intensity, generation, and consumption. (Licensing) Platform General
Pakistan Residential Electricity Consumption Dataset Lahore University A dataset of electricity consumption patterns for developing countries. Intended to help develop smart grids and better demand-side management. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Pan-European Thermal Atlas Heat Roadmap Europe A map of Europe that provides information on thermal statistics including excess heat, heat demand, cool demand, solar thermal district heating, etc. Platform General
PEAK: Platform for Energy Access Knowledge Power for All A global map allowing the layering of information including socioeconomic considerations for specific countries to solar potential for the globe. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Pecan Street Dataport University of Texas This database includes minute-interval appliance-level customer electricity use from nearly 1,000 houses and apartments in Pecan Street's multi-state residential electricity use research, as well as ERCOT market operations. (Licensing) Dataset Building
Petroleum Deposit Data Peace Research Institute Oslo A dataset containing the locations of all known oil and gas deposits in the world. Distinguished between on-shore and off-shore. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Philadelphia Building Energy Benchmarking City of Philadelphia Office of Sustainability A variety of data including an interactive map providing energy benchmarking data for commercial and residential buildings more than 50,000 square feet in Philadelphia, PA (Licensing) Platform Building
Photovoltaic GIS European Commission Open access data of photovoltaic performance, meteorological data, and solar radiation at different time intervals at the global level. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
PJM data PJM Interconnection LLC (PJM) Real-time and historical statistics surrounding ISO operations of the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland state. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
PJM Data Miner PJM A database containing numerous datasets covering credit, generation, load, pricing, and system information for the PJM interconnection. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
PJM Interconnection Queue Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland Interconnection (PJM) PJM's new services queue for electricity generation projects (Licensing) Platform Electricity
PLEXOS-World 2015 Global Electricity Model University College Cork (Ireland) Global electricity model simulating the dispatch of over 30,000 existing power plants across 164 countries. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Plug Load Appliance Identification Dataset (PLAID) Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) PLAID includes short voltage and current measurements sampled at 30 kHz from 11 different appliance types present in more than 60 households in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. (Licensing) Dataset Building
PlugShare - Electric Vehicle Charging Station Map PlugShare A global map that allows for the searching and display of charging stations for electric vehicles. (Licensing) Platform Transportation
Population Exposure Estimates in Proximity to Nuclear Power Plants NASA Dataset providing global information on location and proximity attributes of nuclear power plants. (Licensing) Platform Nuclear Energy
Portland Commercial Building Energy Performance Map City of Portland Interactive map providing energy data for commercial buildings in Portland, OR Platform Building
POWER - Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resources NASA Provides access to a database with NASA developed solar and meteorological data; intended use for renewable energy information, energy efficiency, and agriculture. (Licensing) Platform General
Power Data Portal Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory A searchable database regarding electric distribution and voltage phase angles. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Power Outage Data for US: IP Address Scans Mendeley A dataset to estimate power outages in the US in real time. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Power Outage Tracker Generac Map tracking current power outages across the US. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Power Plant Satellite Imagery Dataset Duke University Energy Initiative This dataset contains satellite imagery of 4,454 power plants within the United States. The imagery is provided at two resolutions: 1m (4-band NAIP imagery with near-infrared) and 30m (Landsat 8, pan sharpened to 15m). (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Power Profiler: US electricity generation/pollution tool EPA An interactive tool to calculate how clean electrical generation based off eGRID subregions, and searchable by ZIP codes. Includes emissions levels and energy sources as compared to the rest of the nation. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Power Reactor Information System International Atomic Energy Agency A database for global nuclear power including specifications and performance history. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Power Reactor Information System (PRIS) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) PRIS is a comprehensive database focusing on nuclear power plants worldwide and contains information on power reactors in operation, under construction, or those being decommissioned. (Licensing) Dataset Nuclear Energy
Power Reactor Status Reports (Daily) NRC Status report of nuclear power plants in the United States. (Licensing) Dataset Nuclear Energy
Power Sector at a Glance (India) Ministry of Power (India) A breakdown of India's power sector providing information on sector generation rates, contributions of fuel, and demand and supply. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Fuel
Product Database VeraSol A product database that contains performance data for solar energy kits and off-grid appliances. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Project Sunroof Google Personalized roof analysis to assess the viability of residential solar. Solar savings are calculated using roof size and shape, shaded roof areas, local weather, local electricity prices, solar costs, and estimated incentives over time. (Licensing) Tool Renewable Energy
Projects and Facilities Database US Bureau of Reclamation Database on US Bureau of Reclamation dams and hydropower facilities and projects (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Public Utility Data Liberation Catalyst Cooperative A database for open access data primarily for the United States electrical system. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
PVDAQ NREL A map of the United States that allows the layering of filters for PV solar resource data, climate data, and PV Solar Data Acquisition locations. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
PVOutput Platform PVOutput A service to provide and compare PV output data for those that own PV solar. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
PVWatts NREL A map of the United States that provides information on NREL International locations, NSRDB MTS1 locations, and NSRDB MTS2 locations. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
RAE: Rainforest Automation Energy Dataset Harvard Dataverse A dataset developed to help smart grid researchers test algorithms for smart meter data. Includes power data, environmental, and sensor data. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Environment
Railroad Commission of Texas Statistics Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) Contains research and statistics on individual Texan oil and gas companies. This site also contains Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) fields & concentrations listings.  (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
RE Atlas NREL An interactive map of the United States which allows for the layering of filters representing both human boundaries and the physical potentials of various natural resources. (Licensing) Platform General
RE-Powering Mapper EPA An interactive mapping website that allows the user to see potential renewable energy sites as well as contaminated lands, landfills, and mine sites. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Real-time data platform for ERCOT Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ISO) An interactive database that allows the user to view a number of metrics regarding ERCOT interconnections real-time and forecasted electric demand. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Real-time data platform for MISO Midcontinent ISO (MISO) Real-time and forecasted data display in maps, charts, and datasheets for the MISO interconnection. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Real-time data platform for SPP Southwest Power Pool (ISO) Real-time and forecasted data for the SPP ISO including graphics, figures, and datasets. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Real-time heat map of ISO electricity prices in US Clarity Grid Solutions Interactive map that displays the MWh cost across the United States ISOs and within each ISO. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
RED-E Bangladesh NREL A map of Bangladesh providing infrastructure, grid, and power plant information as well as renewable resource information, environment and land use, and administrative details. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
RED-E India NREL A map of India that provides renewable data, infrastructure, grid, environmental data, and administrative data for the region as a whole. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
RED-E Mexico NREL A map of Mexico that provides infrastructure, grid, environmental data, and administrative data for the region as a whole with a specific breakdown into renewables. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
RED-E Southeast Asia NREL A map of Southeast Asia that provides infrastructure, grid, environmental data, and administrative data for the region as a whole and each individual country within the region. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
REDS: REpository of Distribution Systems Marquette University A repository of testcases for distribution systems, related to power flow solution, network reconfiguration, capacitor placement, load balancing, contingency analysis, etc. Dataset Electricity
Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) NREL An interactive map of the United States that allows for the testing of various renewable energy goals on each state’s projected energy generation statistics. (Licensing) Platform General
Reliability Metrics AP (via EIA) Electrical grid reliability in the US including outage frequency for average customers by utility and state. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
REmap - Renewable Energy Roadmap IRENA A roadmap to renewable energy potential for countries and areas in addition to technologies for heating, cooling, and transport. Platform Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Atlas of the US (Report) University of North Texas A geospatial map of the United States that allows for the visualization of renewable energy resources, federal land ownership, and base map reference information. (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy GIS Data US BOEM Information, including GIS data, related to the planning, assessment and environmental review of renewable energy projects on the Outer Continental Shelf (Licensing) Dataset Renewable Energy
Renewable energy potential map/data NREL A tool to discover renewable energy potential under various scenarios designed by the user. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Zoning Tool ESMAP Interactive tool to explore high potential project areas around the world for solar, onshore wind and offshore wind development, searchable by energy source and location (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Renewable Natural Gas Database Argonne National Lab A dataset of compiled biogas projects upgrading gas for pipeline injection or for vehicle fuel. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Renewable Options by State American Cities Climate Challenege Energy generation sources by state in the United States. Includes comparative statistics and renewable energy generation information. Platform Renewable Energy
Renewable Portfolio Standards Map National Conference of State Legislatures A map of the United States that provides state by state renewable portfolio standards and goals. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy
Renewable power plants in select European countries Open Power System Data Renewable power plant stations for Germany, Denmark, France, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom. The different countries may contain varying accuracy in data and power plant parameters. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Renewable Energy
Replication Data for: A Field Experiment on Workplace Norms and Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette Harvard Dataverse Data of 85 EV drivers and 105 EV charging stations used for understanding charging etiquette. (Licensing) Dataset Transportation
Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) The RECS data includes energy characteristics on the housing unit, usage patterns, household demographics, energy costs and usage for heating, cooling, appliances and other end uses.  (Licensing) Dataset Building
Residential Energy Demand Temperature Index (REDTI) NOAA A tool for exploring year to year fluctuations in energy demand based on residential heating and cooling. (Licensing) Dataset General
Resource Watch World Resources Institute (WRI) It features hundreds of data sets on the state of the planet’s resources and citizens and allows users to visualize challenges from climate change to poverty, water risk to state instability, air pollution to human migration, and more. (Licensing) Discoverability Service General
ResStock NREL Dataset that describes timeseries energy end-use consumption of the US residential building stock. Dataset Building
Rural Electricity Demand in India Harvard Dataverse Survey data of electrical demand in rural India. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Rural Electricity Demand in India (REDI) Harvard Dataverse A dataset containing the electricity demand in rural India, surveying over 10,000 households and 2,000 enterprises. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
San Diego Building Energy Benchmarking City of San Diego Interactive map providing energy data for commercial, industrial, and large residential buildings in San Diego, CA (Licensing) Platform Building
Schools in US with solar installations The Solar Foundation A report of the schools in the United States that have installed solar systems. (Licensing) Platform Renewable Energy