This collection of energy data sources and tools for data analysis was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Award No. 1937137, a collaboration among the World Resources Institute, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute, and Duke University. We do not endorse or provide any guarantees about the data or information listed below.

Namesort descending Publisher Description Type Topic
AAA Gas Prices AAA Daily gasoline price data for the United States. (Licensing) Platform Fuel, Transportation
AGA Data American Gas Association Database with annual natural gas information including energy statistics, market information, emissions, general info, etc. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Average energy prices for the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Prices of household energy costs and gasoline costs in the US by region and major cities. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
BLM oil and gas statistics land lease data Bureau of Land Management A database containing statistics and datasets of Bureau of Land Management provided oil and gas leases, permits to drill, and oil and gas wells. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
County-level oil and gas production USDA Timeseries data at the county level for US state's oil and gas production statistics. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Ethanol Markets & Statistics Renewable Fuels Association Statistics and data on ethanol production and markets in the US. Dataset Fuel
Europe Natural Gas Infrastructure Map European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) Datasets by year providing data on Europe's transmission capacities and natural gas networks. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Form 22M: Biodiesel Plants in the United States EIA A report of the annual prudction capacity and count of biodiesel plants in the United States. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
FracTracker Map FracTracker A map and database for fracking locations primarily in the United States and partially in other countries. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
Global Natural Gas Atlas Snam A map of existing natural gas pipelines around the world. It includes specification into each region. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
Global Oil & Gas Features Database DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information A database of oil and gas infrastructure data (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Leases US BOEM A database containing information collected by the BOEM for the Gulf of Mexico in three variations: interactive maps, shapefiles, and geodatabases. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
Interactive World Gas Map Chevron An interactive world map that displays the world's natural gas information including pipelines, vessels, shareholders, etc. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
JODI Gas World Database Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) A database that provides information on which countries in the world have access to gas at a monthly rate. Platform Fuel
JODI Oil World Database Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) A database that provides information on which countries in the world have access to oil at monthly intervals. Platform Fuel
Mapping India's Energy Subsidies International Institute for Sustainable Development Mapping and visualizing India's subsidies for fossil fuels and renewables. (Licensing) Platform Fuel, Renewable Energy
Monthly OECD oil statistics IEA Timeseries data of monthly crude oil statistics for OECD countries, broken down by region. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
National Oil and Gas Assessments USGS A tool to discover previously unknown oil and natural gas deposits in the United States. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
Offshore Resources Data Center Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Database containing multiple topics under offshore resources including leasing, pipeline, well, rig, and production data. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
Oil and Gas Data, 1932-2014 Harvard Dataverse A timeseries dataset for global oil and das production, prices an export information. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Oil Information Statistics OECD A databank that allows the user to construct datasets specific to OECD information ranging from general statistics, socio-economic factors, environmental conditions, etc. (Licensing) Platform Fuel
Petroleum Deposit Data Peace Research Institute Oslo A dataset containing the locations of all known oil and gas deposits in the world. Distinguished between on-shore and off-shore. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Power Sector at a Glance (India) Ministry of Power (India) A breakdown of India's power sector providing information on sector generation rates, contributions of fuel, and demand and supply. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Fuel
Renewable Natural Gas Database Argonne National Lab A dataset of compiled biogas projects upgrading gas for pipeline injection or for vehicle fuel. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
SciGRID_gas SciGrid Data to help generate an automated network model of the European gas transportation networks. Methodology and data available for use in other geographic locations. Platform Fuel
Strategic Petroleum Reserves DOE A series of datasets containing information on foreign and domestic crude oil separated by sulfur content and identifying name. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
Transportation Energy Use Statistics Bureau of Transportation Statistics Multiple datasets of energy and fuel consumption in U.S. transportation sector. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel, Transportation
US Fuel Ethanol Plant Production EIA This is a dataset containing the capacity and quantity of plants producing ethanol in the United States. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
US Oil and Gas Pipeline Mileage Bureau of Transportation Statistics Timeseries dataset for oil and gas pipelines in the United States. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
USA National Gas Station Price Heat Map GasBuddy US gas price data (Licensing) Platform Fuel, Transportation
Weekly Petroleum Status Report EIA A database with information on crude oil in the US including weekly predictions, production, and market information. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel
World LNG Map ExxonMobil Data and maps containing the sources, facilities, and projects related to liquid natural gas. (Licensing) Platform Fuel