This collection of energy data sources and tools for data analysis was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Award No. 1937137, a collaboration among the World Resources Institute, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute, and Duke University. We do not endorse or provide any guarantees about the data or information listed below.

Namesort descending Publisher Description Type Topic
(Global) Energy Progress Report Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) A world map that provides country specific details on the percent of the population that has access to electricity, renewable energy, energy efficiency, etc. (Licensing) Platform General
2035 Report: Plummeting Solar, Wind, and Battery Costs Can Accelerate our Clean Electricity Future, Data Explorer University of California Berkeley A tool to visualize and explore trends in the energy industry based on various criteria. Platform General
A global-scale data set of mining areas Vienna University Data on the land area of global mining. (Licensing) Dataset General
Agriculture Energy Tools (Calculators) USDA Four tools used to help with agriculture energy in attempt to help reduce costs to consumers. (Licensing) Platform General
Air Markets Program Data EPA A collection of prepackaged datasets, or customizable datasets, exploring air market programs in the United States. (Licensing) Platform General
American Housing Survey U.S. Census Bureau A biennial US housing survey, that includes data on cooking fuel, clothes dryer fuel, main heating fuel, monthly cost for electricity, and other energy-related data among others (Licensing) General
An Atlas of Electricity Esri Interactive mapping and statistical data of energy resources, supply, infrastructure, generation, and consumption in the U.S. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Animal Transportation Database for Beef Cattle (for energy estimates) USDA Data for estimating energy use and greenhouse gas emissions related to cattle transport (Licensing) Dataset General
Annual Technology Baseline NREL Dataset that provides current and projected cost and performance data for renewable and conventional technologies. (Licensing) Dataset General, Renewable Energy
Bangladesh Energy Overview IAEA A report with energy sector statistics for Bangladesh. (Licensing) Dataset General
BLM coal land leasing data Bureau of Land Management Datasets of the Bureau of Land Management's leasing data for coal production. (Licensing) Dataset General
Brazilian Energy Data Profile Export.Gov Statistics and data on the Brazilian energy sector including supply, consumption, and market information. Dataset General
CA Energy Consumption Database California Database for California electricity and natural gas consumption broken down by county or entity. (Licensing) Platform General
California Energy Data and Reports California Energy Commission Energy industry statistics and analysis for California including forecasts for electricity and natural gas demand for 10 years. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
China Energy Databook Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Datasets containing national and provincial energy balances plus energy end use tables for China. (Licensing) Dataset General
China's Energy Infrastructure (Map) Baker Institute A map of China's energy infrastructure including oil, coal, nuclear, and EV battery information. Platform General
China's Global Energy Finance Boston University An interactive map of China's energy market including import/export values with other regions based on energy type, sector, or lender. (Licensing) Platform General
Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool Council on Environmental Quality Screening tool containing census tract data relating to energy burden, clean transportation, and other socioeconomic, environmental, health and climate metrics to help identify disadvantaged communities that are marginalized underserved, and overburdened by pollution (Licensing) Platform General, Transportation
Climate, Energy, and Transportation Data Center Earth Policy Institute A large database containing datasets covering energy, climate, and transportation topics of a wide range. (Licensing) Dataset General
Coal Data Browser EIA A map of the United States displaying the coal mine production by state including both values and growth rates. (Licensing) Platform General
Coal Plant Tracker Map Global Energy Monitor A global display of coal power plants including their quantity, locations, and the filtering of specific criteria such as retired, permitted, operating, etc. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Combined Heat and Power Project Profiles Database DOE A dataset that allows the user to search through multiple aspects of combined heat and power systems across the United States. (Licensing) Platform General
Compliance Certification Database DOE A large database of compliance statements by manufactures in accordance with the Federal conservation standards. (Licensing) Platform General
Customer Rate Comparison Tool North Carolina State University A tool that can be customized to compare energy rates and how "decisions may impact their energy bills." Platform General
Data Portal for Cities Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy A global searchable database for city-based statistics on energy activity and emissions data. (Licensing) Platform General, Environment
Degree Days Calculator ENERGY STAR A tool to calculate heating and cooling degree days in the United States and Canada based on specific zip codes and dates. (Licensing) Platform General
Digital Obstacle File Federal Aviation Administration Components of the US electrical system, among other objects, as part of the Federal Aviation Administration's Digital Obstacle File database (Licensing) Dataset General
EJScreen: Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Mapping and screening tool containing data at various geographic levels relating to environmental justice indexes and other socioeconomic, environmental, health, and climate metrics for locations in the United States, enabling users to compare their selected locations to the rest of the state, EPA region, or the nation (Licensing) Platform General
Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution - Occupational Employment Statistics Bureau of Labor Statistics Data on occupational and employment statistics in the US for electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. (Licensing) Dataset General, Electricity
Electricity Affordability Metrics Pacific Northwest National Lab Interactive map of the United States that displays the percent of income residents must pay for electricity by state. (Licensing) Platform General
Electricity Statistics Information (Japan) Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan Energy statistics data for Japan. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Electrification investment scenarios model platform Global Electrification Platform An interactive model that allows for the cost prediction to electrify select countries across the world using country specific cost estimators. (Licensing) Platform General
emPOWER HHS Data on the number of at-risk electricity-dependent Medicare beneficiaries in a geographic area Platform General
Energy Access Explorer WRI A toolkit to explore energy data in select African countries. Information ranges from energy supply details, demand needs, environmental conditions, and infrastructure information. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy and Climate Data Portal The Shift Project Data Portal A database containing datasets that pertain to both energy and climate data. Includes emissions, fossil fuel data, electricity production and consumption, etc. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy and Infrastructure Data US Geological Survey A database provided by the USGS that provides GIS datasets on energy and infrastructure and their subcatagories like fossil fuels and renewables. (Licensing) Platform General, Renewable Energy
Energy and Mineral Overview (Map) Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Indonesia) A map of Indonesia that allows for filters of energy resource locations. Platform General
Energy and Mining Data World Bank (WB) World Bank's World Development Indicator data focusing on energy production, use, dependency, and efficiency.  (Licensing) Dataset General
Energy Charting Tool BP A site that provides access to BP energy reports and datasets regarding their projects around the world. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy consumption in transport in IEA countries, 2018 IEA Energy efficiency and related charts for IEA countries. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy information and funding opportunities in Africa GET.invest Information center to discover energy and project financing options and energy market information for African countries. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy Information System (SIE) (Mexico) Secretary of Energy of Mexico (SENER) A database of energy sector information for Mexico. It includes energy statistics, specific fuel sources, energy efficiency, projections, etc. Platform General
Energy Justice Map Energy Justice Network A national map of the United States that displays the locations of infrastructure linked to environmental justice issues. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy Literacy: US Supply to Consumption Energy Literacy A flow chart tracking energy consumption and waste across multiple sectors. (Licensing) Platform General
Energy resource structure and on-going sustainable development policy in Nigeria: a review (Paper) SpringerLink Statistics and figures of Nigeria's energy industry including production and consumption information. (Licensing) Dataset General
Energy Resources Program US Geological Survey A collection of datasets obtained by the USGS pertaining to environmental and energy topics. (Licensing) Platform General, Environment
Energy statistical datasheets for EU countries EU Open Data Portal A database of European countries energy statistics over time. Topics include energy balance, electricity production, heat production, cogeneration heat and power, energy markets indicators, transport fuels, main energy indicators, greenhouse gas emissions. (Licensing) Dataset General
Energy Statistics (Russia) Ministry of Energy (Russia) Energy statistics for Russia that can be filtered by product, data type, and date. Platform General
Energy Statistics Database United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) Comprehensive energy statistics for UN countries on the production, trade, conversion and final consumption of primary and secondary; conventional and non-conventional; and new and renewable sources of energy. (Licensing) Discoverability Service General
Energy Zones Mapping Tool DOE A mapping tool to help identify potential energy resource locations in the United States. (Licensing) Platform General
EnerMaps Open Data Management Tool (Beta) EnerMaps Data management tool enabling users to search through a data repository of open source energy data that is reusable (Licensing) Discoverability Service General
EU Energy Poverty Indicators European Commission Data that attempts to assess energy poverty using a number of indicators primarily using self-reported data or housing and energy expenditure data. (Licensing) Platform General
EU Energy Statistical Country Datasheets European Commission A database containing statistics on energy generation in the EU and individual EU states. Information includes consumption, production, imports, emissions, and socio-economic statistics. (Licensing) Dataset General
European Weather Data for Power System Modeling Open Power System Data Aggregated weather data for European countries by the hour. (Licensing) Dataset General
Eurostat Energy Database European Commission This repository provides consolidated information on various statistics at European level which can be compared and analyzed amidst various European nations.  (Licensing) Discoverability Service General
Eurostat Yearly Energy Consumption European Commission Contains the breakdown of energy usage by select European countries and sectors, as well as energy balances which allow the comparison of different fuels an their relative impacts in the economy. (Licensing) Dataset General
Gallup Polling Historical Trends: Energy Gallup Survey responses about the perceptions of the energy industry historically and presently. (Licensing) Dataset General
GapMinder Data Gapminder Foundation Gapminder serves as a vast data repository with global statistics on various energy and environment indicators like CO2 emissions per person and consumption details of various renewable and non-renewable forms of energy. (Licensing) Discoverability Service General
Generating Unit Statistical Brochures NERC US electricity generating unit statistical data Dataset General
Global Atlas for Renewable Energy Maps IRENA An interactive website to search through numerous maps containing natural resource availability throughout the world. (Licensing) Platform General
Global energy information data overview IRENA Global data and statistics on renewable energy capacity, generation, and energy balances. (Licensing) Platform General
Global Energy Outlook Resources for the Future An interactive graph that displays global energy outlooks depending on energy type, energy sector, country or region and year. (Licensing) Platform General
Global Energy Resources database Shell A database that offers visualizations for the world's potential for each major energy source including renewables by country. (Licensing) Platform General
Global Map of Coal Plants CarbonBrief A global map of coal power plants displaying generation figures both visually and graphically since 2000. Includes filters for closed plants, planned construction, and specifying scope of view. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Global Nighttime Lights WRI A specific dataset within the Resource watch collection that provides an overview of light use at night across the world. (Licensing) Platform General
Gridded Night Lights (India) NOAA/SHRUG Collection of shared datasets pertaining specifically to India including their use of lights at night over the years. Platform General
Hybridized Option for Modeling Input-Output Energy Systems (HOMIES) Duke University A large-scale input-output database of physical energy flows and monetary flows through the global economy, spanning 1995-2015 and 136 countries (Licensing) Dataset General
Hydrogen Demand and Resource Analysis NREL An interactive map of the United States that demonstrates local and state demands and pricing for various fuel sources as well as specific detail into hydrogen potential and costs. (Licensing) Platform General
IEA Online Data International Energy Agency (IEA) This chart provides basic statistics on world energy use and consumption like primary energy supply, net energy imports, electricity consumption, CO2 emissions etc. (Licensing) Dataset General
Impact of COVID-19 on Electricity Consumption and Particulate Pollution University of Chicago A tool to compare COVID-19 deaths and electricity demand by city, region, or country. (Licensing) Platform General
India Energy Data Profile Export.Gov Statistics on the Indian energy sector including installed capacity by fuel source, renewable energy information, and transmission and distribution. Dataset General
Indian Village Satellite Imagery and Energy Access Dataset Duke University Energy Initiative This dataset contains remote sensing data and estimates of electricity access rates for every village in the state of Bihar, India. (Licensing) Dataset General
Industrial Energy and GHG Emissions Dashboard Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (India) Graphs and visualizations of India's energy consumption and GHG emissions by state and energy source. Platform General, Environment
International Energy Statistics EIA Database providing access to a general overview of multiple datasets for each major energy sources and electricity market in the world. Topics range from market factors to production statistics. (Licensing) Platform General
ITA Manufacturing Industry Tracker International Trade Administration U.S. international trade data, including trade balances and pricing of petroleum and coal products (Licensing) Platform General
Joint Resarch Center European TIMES Energy System Model European Commission A model of the EU and neighboring country's energy system. Includes buildings, transport, industry, power, and agriculture. Projects the evolution of their energy systems. (Licensing) Platform General
Landfill Gas Energy Project Data EPA A database tracking landfill gas energy projects in the United States. (Licensing) Platform General
Landsat on Amazon Web Services Amazon/ U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Landsat 8 is an ongoing collection of satellite imagery of all land on Earth produced by the Landsat 8 satellite and is available for anyone to use via Amazon S3. (Licensing) Tool General
Light Every Night Open Data World Bank Nighttime lights satellite data (Licensing) Dataset General
Low Energy Database International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) The data contains information of the world and is divided between regions like global north and global south. It contains energy demand by major end-use service and upstream sector. (Licensing) Platform General
Low-Income Energy Affordability Data (LEAD) Tool DOE An interactive map that provides details into low-income energy data in the US. Specifically burden statistics, energy costs, and housing counts. (Licensing) Platform General
Macro Grid Report (US) Breakthrough Energy Sciences Design simulations data for US power grid scenarios (Licensing) Platform General
Map of Oil & Gas Refineries & Pollution, Health & Safety Issues Refinery Maps A global map of coal and oil plants and health and safety issues such as oil spills. (Licensing) Platform General
Map of Oil & Natural Gas Drilling Health & Safety Issues Drilling Maps A map of natural gas and oil drilling in the United States. (Licensing) Platform General
National Coal Resources Data System (NCRDS) USGS A dataset with information on coal in the US. Information includes stratigraphic data, chemistry data, and historical data. (Licensing) Platform General
National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework (NEED) UK Government Data compiled by the UK government to understand the relationship between energy use and energy efficiency. (Licensing) Dataset General
National Pipeline Mapping System Department of Transportation: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration An interactive map of the United States that allows for the laying of filters at the county levels to visualize national pipelines, accidents, and land boundries. (Licensing) Dataset General
National Surveys on Energy and Environment University of Michigan A database of climate change, energy, and environmental datasets. (Licensing) Dataset General, Environment
National-level Energy Consumption Data Searchable data on energy consumption and production by country. (Licensing) Dataset General
Natural Resources Revenue Data Department of Interior Datasets for payments, disbursements, and production of natural resources taken from federal and Native American lands. (Licensing) Platform General
New Renewable Energy (Map) Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Indonesia) A map of Indonesia that allows for filters of energy industry infrastructure locations. Platform General
Nigeria Energy Overview IAEA Statistics and figures of Nigeria's energy industry including production and consumption information. (Licensing) Dataset General
Nighttime Lights (and Human Transportation) NOAA Nighttime lights, daily flight, shipping vessels, and roads on a map - showing "where people live, work, and consume energy" (Licensing) Dataset General
North American Energy Infrastructure Map North American Cooperation of Energy Information A map of North America (US, Canada, & Mexico) that has filtering for energy infrastructure and resource data. Platform General
NRG Asset Map NRG A visual map of NRG electrical generation sites including type and locations across the world. (Licensing) Platform General
NY Power System Data New York ISO Datasets for real time and day ahead market operations for New York's energy market in the US. (Licensing) Platform General
ODYSSEE Database: European Energy Efficiency Data & Indicators European Commission A database for energy consumption and energy efficiency for EU and additional countries. (Licensing) Platform General
OPEC Data Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) This database that puts up OPEC Reference Basket (ORB) comprises of the basket price for the crude oil from various exporting nations. (Licensing) Dataset Fuel, General
Outlook for Energy Data ExxonMobil The Outlook for Energy is ExxonMobil’s view of energy demand and supply through 2040. This data will help in making a forecast regarding energy transition to meet the needs of the growing population.  (Licensing) Dataset Fuel, General
Outlook for Energy: A Perspective to 2040 ExxonMobil A global perspective of energy demand and production projected to 2040 and broken down into different regions. (Licensing) Dataset General