This collection of energy data sources and tools for data analysis was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Award No. 1937137, a collaboration among the World Resources Institute, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute, and Duke University. We do not endorse or provide any guarantees about the data or information listed below.

Namesort descending Publisher Description Type Topic
15 Years of Power Outages Kaggle Grid disruption data including event that brought the disruption and impacts. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Access to Electricity DataHub A dataset that contains percentages of populations that have access to electricity. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Access
Africa electricity transmission network (AICD) World Bank Map of Africa's electricity grid (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
An Atlas of Electricity Esri Interactive mapping and statistical data of energy resources, supply, infrastructure, generation, and consumption in the U.S. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Average Electricity Retail Prices Global Energy Institute Data of the average electricity retail price in the US by state. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
CA ISO Price Map California ISO Day-ahead, 15 mins ahead, and real-time costs of the California ISO displayed in an interactive map. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
California Energy Data and Reports California Energy Commission Energy industry statistics and analysis for California including forecasts for electricity and natural gas demand for 10 years. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
California ISO Interconnection Queue CAISO Resources related to CAISO's generator interconnection queue (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
California Power System Data California ISO Live, hour ahead, and day ahead forecasting for demand of the California ISO. Includes ability to search for supply, emissions, and pricing. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Cambium: U.S. Electricity Sector Scenario Model NREL U.S. electricity sector scenario modeling. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Coal Plant Tracker Map Global Energy Monitor A global display of coal power plants including their quantity, locations, and the filtering of specific criteria such as retired, permitted, operating, etc. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Commercial and Residential Hourly Load Profiles OpenEI The hourly load profile data for 16 commercial and residential building types in for all TMY3 locations in the United States. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Conventional Power Plants in Germany + Europe Open Power System Data Compilation of conventional power plants from Germany and EU countries. Includes locations, energy sources, capacity, and additional information; though not all information can be provided for each observation. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Crowdsourced power grid data/map Power grid and energy infrastructure map based on OpenStreetMap (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Data for: Power system state estimation with extended power formulation Mendeley A dataset for power system state estimations with extended power formulations. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) U.K. Gov - Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy This database presents statistics on electricity from generation through to sales and includes statistics on generating capacity, fuel used for generation, load factors and efficiencies. It also includes a map showing the electricity network in the U.K. and the location of the main power stations.  (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
E4ST Fast Predictor: Power system simulation model Cornell University, Arizona State University, Resources for the Future A simulation model to predict environmental impacts of electrical generation in the United States and select parts of Canada and Mexico. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
EES / ECO performance indicators (Russia) Joint Stock Company System Operator of the Unified Energy System Generation and consumption grid data in Russia. Dataset Electricity
EGrid: Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database EPA A map of the United States that allows for the visualization of CO2 emissions by eGRID subregion. (Licensing) Platform Electricity, Environment
Electric Disturbance Events (OE-417) Annual Summaries DOE Datasets of US electrical disturbance events by year. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Grid Test Cases Texas A&M University List of datasets provided by Texas A&M pertaining to electric power grids. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution - Occupational Employment Statistics Bureau of Labor Statistics Data on occupational and employment statistics in the US for electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. (Licensing) Dataset General, Electricity
Electric power substations Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Infrastructure Foundation - Level Data (HIFLD) This dataset contains the locations and attributes of electric power substations that typically correlate to electric power transmission. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Losses World Bank Data and visuals for the percent of electricity output that results in electric power transmission and distribution losses, including global and country figures (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Electric Retail Service Territories Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Infrastructure Foundation - Level Data (HIFLD) This dataset contains information regarding electric power retail service territories or more specifically those that are responsible for the retail sale of electricity to local residential, commercial, or industrial customers. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure Imagery Dataset Duke University Benchmark dataset for automated detection of electricity transmission and distribution systems (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Transmission Lines Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Infrastructure Foundation - Level Data (HIFLD) This dataset contains the locations and attributes of electric power transmission lines including underground transmission lines where data was available. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electric Utility Industry Financial Data and Trend Analysis Edison Electric Institute (EEI) EEI represents a wide range of industry financial metrics and data covering the U.S. investor-owned electric utility companies. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electricity Data Browser (Power Plants) EIA A map of the United States that provides visualization and data on power plants by state. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Electricity Generator Construction cost data EIA Construction cost figures and tables for all generators installed in 2018. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Electricity Statistics Information (Japan) Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan Energy statistics data for Japan. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Electricity Supply & Demand North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) Data for the North American bulk power system Dataset Electricity
Electricity Supply and Demand North American Electric Reliability Cooperation Dataset of the North American electrical supply and demand for bulk power systems. Dataset Electricity
Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative Prayas Energy Group An interactive map of India and Bangladesh that monitors live electricity supply. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
electricityMap Tomorrow This tool maps the carbon intensity by electricity consumption and its impact on climate. By using its forecasted marginal signals, smart devices can anticipate optimal charging times, leading to lower emissions and lower electricity costs. (Licensing) Tool Electricity, Environment
Electrification Access in Sub-Saharan Africa Scientific Data A dataset that contains information for the electrification of Africa based on nighttime light, population, and land cover data. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Access
Electrified mini-grid localities in Africa African Association for Rural Electrification A database to track electric mini-grids in Africa. Platform Electricity
Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) eGRID is a comprehensive source of data on the environmental characteristics of almost all electric power generated in the United States.  (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Environment
Energy Data Explorer Our World in Data Interactive tool to explore energy and electricity consumption data by country and by source (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Energy Data Request Program San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) The data sets contain customer energy usage data by customer type (Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural) that has been aggregated by zip code for the state of California. Dataset Electricity, Fuel World Bank Group Data Repository of 879 datasets across 193 countries, including energy access, transmission and distribution, renewable energy, and resource assessment data (Licensing) Discoverability Service Electricity
ENTSO-E Transmission System Map European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) Illustration of the transmission system network for all members of the European Network of Transmission System Operators. The networks are NOT located at their real geographical location. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
EPA Facility Registry Service (FRS): Power Plants EPA This is an EPA dataset constructed through GIS to provide data on power plants including locations and other attributes. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
ERCOT Data Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Real-time and historical statistics surrounding ISO operations of the Texas region. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
ERCOT Generator Outage/Derate Visualization App (EGOVA) Duke University EGOVA can be used to examine the spatiotemporal distribution of outage/derate events in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) energy crisis. Platform Electricity
ERCOT Monthly Generator Interconnection Status Report Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Page contains link to datafile containting the latest public interconnection information on planned generation resources in the ERCOT Region (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Ethiopia Electricity Transmission Network World Bank Data Catalog A dataset containing medium and high level transmission lines in Ethiopia. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Expanding electricity access to all in Nigeria: a spatial planning and cost analysis (Paper) SpringerLink A report with infographics for electricity access in Nigeria based on spatial planning and cost analysis. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Access
FERC Form 1: Electric Utility Cost, Energy Sales, Peak Demand, and Customer Count Data FERC A major financial and operating report for the US electricity industry (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Form 860M:Electricity Market Data EIA This is a report of the estimated capacity of generators in the United States reported at a monthly rate. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Form 861: Annual Electric Power Industry Report EIA Dataset of US electric power industry including peak load, generation, electric purchases, sales, revenues, customer counts, energy efficiency, demand response, net metering programs, and distributed generation capacity. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Form 923:Electricity Market Data EIA This dataset is a reporting of a survey form that collects information on electrical power data at a monthly and annual rate. Specifically, it includes electricity generations, fossil fuel stocks, fuel consumptions, etc. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Form EIA-860 Data U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) The survey Form EIA-860 collects generator-level specific information about existing and planned generators and associated environmental equipment at electric power plants with 1 megawatt or greater of combined nameplate capacity.  (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Form No. 714 - Annual Electric Balancing Authority Area and Planning Area Report FERC Data platform of annual electric balancing authority area reports for the US since 1993. Dataset Electricity
Generating Availability Data System (GADS) North American Electric Reliability Cooperation Data collection system that maintains monitors and tracks generating systems in North America. Platform Electricity
Global Energy Infrastructure Predictive Mapping gridfinder A map of the world that displays transmission lines, distribution, and electrification targets. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Global Map of Coal Plants CarbonBrief A global map of coal power plants displaying generation figures both visually and graphically since 2000. Includes filters for closed plants, planned construction, and specifying scope of view. (Licensing) Platform General, Electricity
Global Model of Electrical Transmission Facebook A model predicting the locations of medium voltage grids in six selected African countries. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Global Power Plant Database World Resources Institute (WRI) The Global Power Plant Database is an open source database of power plants around the world. Each power plant is geolocated and entries contain information on plant capacity, generation, ownership, and fuel type.  (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Environment
Grid Emission Factors Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Emissions data from electrical generation at the global level for analysis and research. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Grid emissions intensity score/impact Watttime An interactive system that allows the user to see how clean the electrical grid is in the US, parts of Canada, the EU and Australia. Platform Electricity
GridKit: European and North-American extracts University of Groningen High voltage transmission network data for North America and Europe. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Hourly load curve estimates 2012 and 2015 Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (India) Data for hourly load curve estimations in the United States excluding the North-East. Dataset Electricity
Integrated Environmental Control Model (IECM) Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) IECM is a computer-modeling program that performs a systematic cost and performance analyses of emission control equipment at coal-fired power plants.  (Licensing) Tool Electricity, Environment
Interactive Map of U.S. Power Plants Synapse Energy Economics Interactive map of U.S. power plants and details, including ownership, generation capacity, annual emissions, etc. Platform Electricity
ISO-NE Generator Interconnection Queue ISO New England (ISO-NE) ISO-NE Generator Interconnection Queue, with filtering tool (Licensing) Platform Electricity
List of power stations around the world Wikipedia This is a list of many power stations around the world by country or region. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
List of Power Stations in India Wikipedia Wikipedia article listing many power plants in India. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
List of the largest power stations in the United States Wikipedia This article lists the largest power stations in the United States, in terms of Terawatt-hours produced annually based on 2014 numbers. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Lists of the largest power stations in the world Wikipedia Lists of the largest power stations in the world (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Live Power Outage Map A map that provides the aggregate power outages in the US by state. It includes total and current customers affected. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Live Power Outage Map National Outages and Mutual Aid A map of the United States that displays live weather and power outage information by county. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Major Power Outage Risks In US Purdue University A dataset containing information on major power outages in the United States by state. It includes locations, regional climatic information, land-use info, electricity consumption patterns and economic characteristics. Dataset Electricity
Map of Power Plants - Coal, Gas, Nuclear Stations & Health, Safety, Pollution Issues PowerPlant Maps A global map of power plants by source used to generate power. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Mapped: How the US generates electricity Carbonbrief A map of the United States that displays electricity generation locations by type, size, efficiency, and state. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
MISO Generator Interconnection Queue Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) MISO's generator interconnection queue, including an interacitve queue map (Licensing) Platform Electricity
National Electric Energy Data System (NEEDS) EPA A database that records data for generation units in the United States. Includes geographic, operations, air emissions, etc. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
National Generation Capacity Open Power System Data Aggregated generation of electricity in Europe broken down by country and technology, from 1990-2019 depending on specific country and tech. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
New Electric Generating Plants in Texas Public Utility Commission of Texas Various maps of the electrical grid and industry in Texas. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
New England Power System Data ISO New England Real-time power grid information for New England's six states provided in maps, charts, and datasets. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
NYISO Interconnection Queue New York ISO (NYISO) NYISO interconnection process information, and contains link to datafile of NYISO interconnection queue (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Open Infrastructure Map An interactive global map that allows the user to visualize the "hidden" infrastructure of various power sources. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Outlook for Modern Cooking Energy Access in Central America Figshare Tables and figures demonstrating Central America's electricity market and demand. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Access
Pakistan Residential Electricity Consumption Dataset Lahore University A dataset of electricity consumption patterns for developing countries. Intended to help develop smart grids and better demand-side management. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
PJM data PJM Interconnection LLC (PJM) Real-time and historical statistics surrounding ISO operations of the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland state. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
PJM Data Miner PJM A database containing numerous datasets covering credit, generation, load, pricing, and system information for the PJM interconnection. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
PJM Interconnection Queue Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland Interconnection (PJM) PJM's new services queue for electricity generation projects (Licensing) Platform Electricity
PLEXOS-World 2015 Global Electricity Model University College Cork (Ireland) Global electricity model simulating the dispatch of over 30,000 existing power plants across 164 countries. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Power Data Portal Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory A searchable database regarding electric distribution and voltage phase angles. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Power Outage Data for US: IP Address Scans Mendeley A dataset to estimate power outages in the US in real time. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Power Outage Tracker Generac Map tracking current power outages across the US. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Power Plant Satellite Imagery Dataset Duke University Energy Initiative This dataset contains satellite imagery of 4,454 power plants within the United States. The imagery is provided at two resolutions: 1m (4-band NAIP imagery with near-infrared) and 30m (Landsat 8, pan sharpened to 15m). (Licensing) Dataset Electricity
Power Profiler: US electricity generation/pollution tool EPA An interactive tool to calculate how clean electrical generation based off eGRID subregions, and searchable by ZIP codes. Includes emissions levels and energy sources as compared to the rest of the nation. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Power Reactor Information System International Atomic Energy Agency A database for global nuclear power including specifications and performance history. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Power Sector at a Glance (India) Ministry of Power (India) A breakdown of India's power sector providing information on sector generation rates, contributions of fuel, and demand and supply. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Fuel
Public Utility Data Liberation Catalyst Cooperative A database for open access data primarily for the United States electrical system. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
RAE: Rainforest Automation Energy Dataset Harvard Dataverse A dataset developed to help smart grid researchers test algorithms for smart meter data. Includes power data, environmental, and sensor data. (Licensing) Dataset Electricity, Environment
Real-time data platform for ERCOT Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ISO) An interactive database that allows the user to view a number of metrics regarding ERCOT interconnections real-time and forecasted electric demand. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Real-time data platform for MISO Midcontinent ISO (MISO) Real-time and forecasted data display in maps, charts, and datasheets for the MISO interconnection. (Licensing) Platform Electricity
Real-time data platform for SPP Southwest Power Pool (ISO) Real-time and forecasted data for the SPP ISO including graphics, figures, and datasets. (Licensing) Platform Electricity