Duke’s experts collaborate across disciplines to develop new solutions to our greatest energy challenges.

The Energy Initiative supports and promotes a wide variety of energy-related research across the university, ranging from projects by individual investigators to activities that partner our faculty, staff and students with outside institutions, corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations. In every case, our researchers work to maintain the highest standards of intellectual rigor, transparency and objectivity. 

Energy Efficiency

US Green Building Council,Leed Platinum 2008,certification

As energy-efficient technologies proliferate, so do opportunities for consumers to corral the financial costs and reduce the environmental footprint incurred by their energy use. Governments and other organizations worldwide have implemented policies to encourage the adoption of these technologies.

Shale Public Finance

Local Government Fiscal Impacts of Oil and Gas Development

Since the mid-2000s, technological advances have led to a dramatic increase in natural gas and oil production in many regions of the United States. With increased production comes new revenue – and new costs – for local and state governments.


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