Please join Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) and partners as they convene a broad, diverse group of stakeholders to assess current opportunities and needs in North Carolina’s clean economy.

Governor Cooper will provide opening remarks leading to the Summit’s breakout sessions, which will be designed to move this coordinated group of stakeholders towards actionable, long-term, smart economic and equitable environmental policy.

Each breakout session will include panelists that are familiar with the aspects of clean jobs and equity so that   discussions of the clean economy incorporates considerations that will make the transition to a clean economy a just, equitable, and prosperous one.

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The breakout sessions are:

  • Energy Planning for NC’s Clean Energy Future - An interactive discussion on how NC can use the energy planning process to reach the goals laid out in the NC Clean Energy Plan to reduce electric power sector greenhouse gas emissions by 70% below 2005 levels by 2030 and attain carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Electrifying Transportation - An interactive discussion to understand how NC can continue the process of electrifying our transportation system. With the 2019 NC ZEV Plan setting a goal of at least 80,000 ZEVs in NC by 2025 and the recent signing of the Multi-State Medium- Heavy-Duty ZEV MOU, we will be discussing how our state can leverage policy mechanisms and market opportunities to achieve, and even exceed, North Carolina’s goal.
  • Building a Resilient NC and Growing our Outdoor Industry - Will focus on the importance of building a resilient economy as we continue to experience the intensifying impacts of climate change. Particularly through the lens of NC DEQ’s recent “NC Climate Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan,” the panel will be discussing the increased value that resiliency provides, as well as how our state’s outdoor economy is growing and can help assist with our need for enhanced resiliency.
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Date & Time
Thursday, Aug 20, 2020 - 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Location: Virtually
Time: 11:45 am
Location: Virtual
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: Virtual
Time: 7:30 am to 9:00 am