Faculty & Research Staff

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  • Kimberly Wade-Benzoni
    Associate Professor
  • Christopher Wedding
    Lecturing Fellow, Division of Environmental Sciences & Policy
    financial valuation, markets, business, innovation, entrepreneurship, management, strategy, photovoltaics, solar energy, alternative energy, environmental impacts, energy security
  • Erika S. Weinthal
    Associate Professor of Environmental Policy
    energy and water, energy and environmental policy
  • Jonathan Wiener
    William R. and Thomas L. Perkins Professor of Law, Professor of Environmental Policy, and Professor of Public Policy
    energy and environmental policy, environmental law
  • Mark R. Wiesner
    Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    materials science and technology, energy and water, data analytics and systems modeling, energy management and efficiency, environmental impacts of energy
  • Benjamin J. Wiley
    Professor of Chemistry
    materials science and technology