Faculty & Research Staff

Locate Experts and Discover Collaborative Possibilities

Review the listing of faculty and research staff with energy interests to locate energy experts and discover opportunities for collaboration. Contact us to join our listed faculty and research staff, keep us updated on your energy projects and publications, or to seek help in locating Duke experts. A subset of faculty also serve on a Faculty Advisory Committee, with representation from each of the Schools and Institutes involved in the Initiative.

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  • Sarah Adair
    Associate in Research, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
    electricity policy, environmental law
  • Ghada Ahmed
    Senior Research Analyst, Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness
  • John D. Albertson, PhD
    Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and W. H. Gardner, Jr., and Department Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    water resources, sustainable systems, atmospheric science, wind power, energy and water, air quality
  • Dan Ariely, PhD
    James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics
    behavioral economics
  • Ana P. Barros
    Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    atmospheric science, climate modeling, water resources, environmental engineering, environmental impacts
  • Adrian Bejan
    J. A. Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
    thermodynamics, constructional law, design in nature, energy efficiency
  • Lori S. Bennear
    Assistant Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy
    environmental economics, environmental policy, regulation
  • David N. Beratan
    Professor of Chemistry
    solar fuels, nanoscience, materials, modeling, design
  • Paul N. Bloom
    Adjunct Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing
    behavioral analysis, sustainable systems, entrepreneurship, social impact
  • Fred K. Boadu
    Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    hydrocarbons, water quality, international development, fossil fuels
  • Gale A. Boyd
    Director of the Triangle Research Data Center and Senior Research Scholar Economics
    energy efficiency
  • Martin A. Brooke
    Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
    electric power, electric circuits, sensor systems, smart technology, systems modeling
  • Bill Brown
    Professor of the Practice of Law
    business, carbon capture and storage, commercial, demand, design, energy efficiency, entrepreneurship, finance, financial valuation, fossil fuels, innovation, law, power generation
  • Lukas Brun
    Senior Research Analyst, Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness
    industrial energy efficiency, green supply chains, future of energy supply
  • William L. Chameides
    Dean, Nicholas School of the Environment and Nicholas Professor of the Environment
    atmospheric science, climate change mitigation policy, air quality, sustainable systems
  • Jeffrey S. Chase
    Professor of Computer Science
    systems, network organization
  • Aaron Chatterji
    Associate Professor
  • Chuan-Hua Chen
    Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
    energy conversion, energy transport, materials and design, microsystems, nanotechnology, water resources
  • Robert T. Clemen
    Professor Emeritus
    sustainable systems, decision analysis, modeling
  • Robert Conrad
    Associate Professor of Public Policy and Economics
    resource economics, environmental policy