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At the same time the Energy Initiative engages today's decision makers, it provides tomorrow's leaders—Duke students—with hands-on opportunities to help meet the world's energy challenges. In doing so, the Initiative helps to nurture in students a life-long passion for making a difference in the world.


Student-Centered Energy Activities

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Student-Led Energy Groups

Business and Environment Club (Nicholas School of the Environment)

The Business and Environment Club is a networking and professional development club to connect Nicholas School students with environmental professionals in the private sector and provide access to resources for further business-related education.
Co-Presidents: Alice Kodama and Kevin Kurkul

The Drilling, Environment and Economics Network (DEEN)

DEEN connects people who are researching or interested in learning more about the complex issues surrounding oil and gas development. They currently focus on topics related to hydraulic fracturing.
Co-Presidents: Mark Panny and Michael Grubert

Duke Energy Club (DEC)

The Duke Energy Club provides an immersive, cross-disciplinary experience for undergraduates interested in the energy industry.
Co-Presidents: Daniel Ketyer and Charlie Molthrop

Duke MBA Energy Club

The focus of the MBA Energy Club is to educate students on all aspects of the energy industry and provide forums for stimulating discussion on energy related issues by bringing thought leaders and company executives to campus for speaking events.
Co-Presidents: Urosh Tomovich and Richard Bethune

Duke University Greening Initiative (DUGI)

DUGI will develop a University ethic and practice in which all decisions take into account the environmental, social, and financial impacts of its actions of its actions locally, nationally, and globally.
Co-Chairs: Kristina Ronneberg and Jill Wu

Nicholas School Energy Club

The Nicholas School Energy Club supports graduate students interested in the energy field by organizing events that will improve the educational experience and place our members in careers that represent both our financial worth and environmental stewardship in the energy sector.
Co-Presidents: Dan Chow and Matt Lloyd

The Sanford Energy and Environment Club

The Sanford Energy and Environment Club gives public policy students the opportunity to learn from experts in the energy and environment fields and to engage with the local and global community. SEEC connects students with faculty at Duke and professionals from across the country. We work with our colleagues across the university to provide conferences and networking opportunities on campus. In addition to learning from experts, we encourage our members to gain confidence in their own opinions and skills by engaging in casual discussion and debate, participating in the broader energy and environment community, and giving formal presentations to their peers.
Co-Presidents: Matthias Kimmel and Nina Brooks

Duke Environmental Alliance

Co-Presidents: Danielle Su and Aki Ishikawa

Smart Home

President: Ani Mohan