Linking Duke’s Expertise, Innovation with the World’s Energy Leaders


Are you an energy professional who wants to tap the expertise and enthusiasm of Duke’s faculty and students? Do you want to help educate and get to know the next generation of energy businesspeople and policy-makers? Are you a Duke graduate who wants to give back by speaking to or mentoring current students?

Are you an energy student at Duke who wants to hear from the leading minds in industry and government on energy business, policy and innovation? Do you want to make the connections now that will help you pursue a career that has an impact on our energy future?

The Energy Initiative connects the full spectrum of the energy business and policy community with Duke faculty, researchers and students, and with one another. We facilitate research projects and partnerships. We host an array of events to connect energy decision makers with the Duke community and its knowledge and solutions. We organize student trips to energy companies and facilities. We support competitions and conferences. We introduce energy students to potential employers. We bring together the best minds to unravel real-world energy problems, fulfilling Duke’s mission of applying knowledge in service of society.


See what Duke has to offer in energy engagement opportunities:

Our Research section details opportunities for Duke faculty and staff to collaborate with each other and other members of the Duke community.


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